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Welcome to the Yellowstone Bluegrass Association website.  It is our hope that this site will provide a wealth of information to those who enjoy listening to and playing bluegrass music.

Our goal is to make available information about activities such as concerts jams and other happenings in our community and region.  Meet and follow bands that are members of our association and view upcoming concert schedules by nationally known bands that will be playing in our locale. 

And yes…we would like to invite musicians in our area who enjoy playing bluegrass music and even those of you who just like to listen to our music to join our organization.  We would love to have you as a member.  Click on our membership page for details.




Clarification about Lincoln Center Friday night jams.

There has been some recent inaccurate reporting about the status of the Yellowstone Bluegrass Association jams held at the Lincoln center on Friday evenings. I want to clarify the situation.

First, the Lincoln Center has NOT asked us to suspend the jams on Friday evenings. The changes at Lincoln are security issues. Lincoln center has required that everyone using the center at night must use only the northwest door and will be “buzzed in” by security. Additionally, the latest anyone will be allowed to enter the building will be 7:15 PM. Currently, a Friday night class is being held in the music room that concludes at 7:15 PM. That does not mean that people cannot enter the building and politely and quietly wait until that class concludes before the jam begins. Unfortunately, increased security in public buildings has become  the norm in today’s society we will just have to conform to it.

The statement that “no similar group holds weekly jams in which most all members participate although some smaller jams do occur” is simply inaccurate. The Billings Community Band practices in the music room every Wednesday evening from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM and that group is much larger than our average jam attendance. They must also adhere to the new security rules as well.

The meeting of the board of directors discussed the current state of affairs with the Lincoln Center and determined to research and clarify just what our status with that institution actually is as well as researching alternatives IF the center becomes unavailable to us. To repeat, as of this time, NO ONE except the author of the erroneous report has determined that the jams will be suspended any time soon. The statement that “THIS IS THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR JAMS IN THE LINCOLN BUILDING.” is completely conjecture on the part of the author and at this time as there is neither a nail nor a coffin.

If there are any changes concerning the Lincoln Center jams or any other items concerning the Yellowstone Bluegrass Association, don’t rely on blogs or other non-official sources for your information. Contact a board member or officer if you have any questions.

Further information will be issued using appropriate sources if any conditions change.

Trent Indreland

Vice President-Yellowstone Bluegrass Association.



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